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Welcome to the SYSCO website. The following pages contain information on the former Sydney Steel Corporation located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Once an active steel plant, Sysco's remediation has now been taken over by Nova Scotia Lands.

NS Lands mandate is to clean up and redevelop the site as a productive, self-sufficient business property, providing opportunities for the future. There are a number of changes and initiatives aimed at building a new future for the SYSCO property. Though the steel plant has closed, new opportunities are emerging.

Website's Goal: This site is dedicated to providing people with information on what had occurred during the clean up of the plant.

ATTENTION: This website is from the former Sydney Steel Plant, information contained in its pages may be outdated. To see current information on remediation efforts please visit the NS Lands Website
The website contains the following information:

Visit the Nova Scotia Lands Website

Nova Scotia Lands is a Provincial Crown corporation whose mandate is to access and where required remediate and redevelop crown-owned properties.

Home current page (links to history and what's new section)
Liquidation information on assets sold
Demolition progress of demolition activities
Environmental plan and activities to clean up the site
(Seacor Report)
Future uses the plan, vision and next steps for the future of the site
(EDM Report)
Tenders information on tender calls and awards
OH&S Sysco's commitment to health and safety
Contact how to get more information

There is a history page that has a brief history of the steel plant and links to other resources.

If you have suggestions or questions, please e-mail gerry@nslands.ca

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