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Currently a new business park is being developed on 50 acres of the former Sysco property. Following is an article from the Cape Breton Post (July 13, 2005 edition) which high-lights the developments. Also, a map of the park in draft format can be viewed here.

Province Prepares to shop business park on Sysco site
by Wes Stewart
Care Breton Post (July15, 2005)

The province will have a 50-acre light business park built on the former Sysco site connected to the downtown and the Sydney Port Access Road by the end of the year. Sysco community relations manager Alfie Macleod said Tuesday work is well under way to prepare the front end of the former steel plant for public use and commercial development. "I've been involved in this project a little over three years and it's been a very exciting time,"said MacLeod as he showed a site development plan.

The plan encompasses the administration building, revamped engineering and former liquid air buildings, a warehouse and eight-bay extension, into a new park with a new road connecting Inglis Street (aligned with Ferry Street) to the Sydney Port Access Road. "Our first project, the building of the (Sydney Port Access) road, has seen major commercial developments with Home Depot, a new Canadian Tire and possibly a Wal-mart. "I hope this success will move down the road and come to our property, we have lots of space and easy access to downtown Sydney."

MacLeod said he has had a lot of people knocking on his door inquiring about the availability of land for their business." "We've made no serious effort to promote the site, but as we move forward we will get more aggressive." The 50-acres is only a small portion of the 350-acre steel plant site. The province will move the chain-link fence that encloses the property north to the water tank and will continue to restrict access to the area of the former plant that has yet to be re-mediated. It has already rebuilt the Inglis Street bridge route to the plant property to Ferry Street. The road will continue east to the Victoria Road overpass where it will connect to the Sydney Port Access Road. New power lines are in place as well as sewer and water connections.

"One of the possible uses for a site is a golf driving range." MacLeod said the engineering building has been extensively renovated and all buildings will get a fresh coat of paint. "We also have several large buildings with overhead cranes and easy access to the (Sydney Port Access) road ready for lease."
Business such as Mill Creek Environmental, Provincial Energy Ventures, Myles MacLean automotive, ATSHIP Services, Seacor Environmental, Sydney Tar Ponds and S&F Metals, collectively employ about 130 people.

The main steel plant property will continue to be re-mediated as the last remaining scrap steel from the plant is readied for sale and the former pieces of the modernized plant sold to Zoom Developers is loaded on ships for India. The demolition of the former plant has provided 500,000-man hours of work for former steel plant employees. That work will dwindle as the site is re-mediated.


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