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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Environmental Remediation

Major initiatives that will be undertaken regarding environmental remediation in 2004-005 include the following:

  • The "high-dump" area. The next step is the development of an environmental management plan (EMP) that will outline a strategy for the future of this area. This EMP will detail where remediation is necessary, where slag mining is practical, and what other activities are reasonable.

  • The blast furnace stockyard and tracts of land north of this area to the shoreline. An EMP will also be developed for these areas, outlining the longer-term plan for the site and any remediation that must occur.

  • The area adjacent to Victoria Road overpass, extending into the former maintenance shops area and south to the Coke Ovens brook. From the Phase II some additional testing (Phase III) will be conducted to delineate all environmental issues and remediation approaches.

  • The area of the administration building and north to beyond the former mobile shops. A Phase III of this area will be completed this year.

Additional plans for 2004–2005 include:

  • cleaning and demolition of the two remaining 2.5 million–gallon oil tanks
  • removal/disposal of remaining PCBs (estimated at 50 000kg)
  • removal/cleaning oil/tar lines (approximately 2 km)
  • removal/disposal of remaining industrial chemicals
  • removal/disposal of remaining asbestos
  • environmental baseline study (ESB) of the area where Elk’s Fabricators Ltd. and John Ross and Sons Ltd are located
Moving expeditiously towards a better understanding and characterization of these areas will help identify any additional issues with respect to the redevelopment of these properties.


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