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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Local Labour

Since the work on demolition and cleanup was initiated three years ago, it has been Sysco’s practice to use local people wherever and whenever possible. During that time, hundreds of workers have been employed on various aspects of the site cleanup. To date, steelworkers have worked approximately 400,000 hours burning and cutting scrap steel, doing general site cleanup, and conducting environmental remediation work and equipment and building demolition work. All of the labour coordination has been contracted through SERL’s effective manpower management services.

As demonstrated by past performance, Sysco’s preferred route is to use the former steelworker labour pool for all labour needs. However, there may be circumstances where outside contractors are required for specialized services. In those circumstances, it will not always be possible to use only labour pool employment due to technical, contractual, training, or safety requirements for specialized contracts.

Recently, Sysco has clarified its commitment to local labour in tenders for the sale of Sysco-owned scrap steel. Sysco has put its long-standing commitment in writing. This includes the requirement for any scrap purchaser to negotiate with Provincial Energy Ventures Limited (PEV), the operator of the Sysco pier, to secure a safe berth and any other dock services that they may require. It also recognizes that any labour used in the loading of the scrap steel must be Cape Breton–based labour, wherever possible.

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