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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)


Sysco is committed to cleaning up the former steel plant property so the site can
be put to good use in the future. Funding for remediation was budgeted in 2001,
and since that time, steady progress has been made. Overall, Sysco is taking a
phased approach to remediation.

Sysco completed its Phase I Environmental Site Assessment that outlined
potential environmental issues. The final report noted that the issues identified
are typical of those associated with industrial demolition and redevelopment
projects, and that they can be addressed using conventional site assessment,
remediation, site management, waste management and demolition methods. A
project plan was developed to address the recommendations contained in the
Phase I report.

For the purposes of the environmental assessment, the Phase I report
recommended subdividing the property into 36 Site Classification Units (SCUs).
These have been grouped into larger tracts of land with common characteristics
in order to facilitate the discussion of environmental issues and to assist with
future land use planning.

During 2003-04 work was completed on Phase II Environmental Site
for several portions of the site. Specifically, these include

  • The 'high dump' area, which has also undergone a resource
    identification/stratification study.
  • The blast furnace stockyard and tracts of land north of this area to the
  • The area adjacent to Victoria Road overpass, extending into the former
    maintenance shops area and south to the Coke Ovens brook.
  • The area of the administration building and north to beyond the former mobile

As well, in 2003-04, fieldwork for Phase III studies have been completed for the
high dump area, blast furnace stockyard and tracts of land north of the yard to
the shoreline.

Essentially, all peripheral areas of the site have been examined. Further testing in the central portion of the site hinges on equipment removal and demolition schedules.

In addition to the phased decommissioning that Sysco is conducting in
compliance with the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)
guidelines, other remediation work that has been completed in 2003-04 includes:

  • cleaning and demolition of two 2.5 million gallon bunker fuel oil tanks
  • excavation/cleaning of approximately 3 km of underground fuel and coke
    oven tar lines
  • removal/disposal of 50,000 kg of PCB waste
  • removal/disposal of 600,000 kg of asbestos debris
  • removal/disposal of 7,000 tons creosote timber
  • removal/disposal of 600,000 kg industrial chemicals
  • recycling and sale of approx 800,000 liters of waste oils
  • Environmental Baseline Study (EBS) of the area where Millcreek Environmental Services Inc. is located

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