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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Site Redevelopment

Sysco continues to implement the Final Land Use Plan and Re-development Strategy for the Former Sysco Property completed by Environmental Design and Management Ltd (EDM) in 2002.

The plan recommended that the 180-ha (445-acre) site be redeveloped as a premier industrial park. It states that there is a real potential for the site to attract new and different businesses to the area that might not otherwise choose to locate in Sydney.

Sysco has land and buildings available that would be suitable for a wide range of businesses and projects from environmental remediation to port-related businesses to modern manufacturing and light industrial uses.

Although the Sysco property is not yet being marketed in any formal way, a number of companies have located here, and others have expressed interest in the site. Tenants currently include MillCreek Environmental Services Inc., Provincial Energy Ventures Limited (PEV), Elk's Fabricators Limited, John Ross and Sons Limited, Atship Services Limited (office space), Sydney Environmental Resources Limited (office space), and the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency (office space).

In the last year, initiatives have been undertaken to contribute to site redevelopment and improve the marketability of the site. These include the following:

  • Sysco has partnered with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) and retained Deloitte & Touche Fantus, a site locator for Fortune 500 companies, to help market the site and the region to potential tenants.
  • A property management plan is under development looking at tenant mix, long-term management, and master plans for sewer, power, and water.
  • A phased approach to business planning and establishment is being pursued. This will allow Sysco to capitalize on business opportunities as they arise for the benefit of all concerned.
  • Short-term investments have been made to “shore up” certain site infrastructure. In 2003–2004, the following improvements were made:

    - rail track upgrade on the main line from the entrance of Sysco to the docks.
    - completion of a preliminary power supply plan for the site.
    - rerouting of power for the Sydney River Pumping Station to provide “interruption” protection.
    - creation of a water supply for PEV and Logistec Stevedoring (Atlantic) Inc.
    - signing of a power infrastructure agreement with PEV and Nova Scotia Power Inc.

  • Street infrastructure improvements have been made.
  • Demolition is moving forward on budget
  • The environmental site assessments and remediation are progressing at a steady pace to allow for appropriate development.
  • Contact with local stakeholders will continue to be fostered through Sysco’s community relations manager.

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