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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Sydney Ports Access Road

Construction is nearing completion on the Sydney Ports Access Road, connecting Highway 125 to the Sysco and Nova Scotia Power piers. The road opened to truck traffic in late 2002 and has been well utilized. Sysco continues to work with partners like the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to build the road quickly, safely, and efficiently in a way that works for local businesses, residents and taxpayers. The road is expected to be fully opened to regular traffic in the summer of 2004.

Sale of Scrap Steel

Sysco has also had success with the sale of scrap steel. To date more than 115 000 tonnes have been sold for total revenue of $17 million. In 2003–2004, a total of 41 000 tonnes of steel were sold.

Slag Operations

In 2003–2004, Sysco processed and sold approximately 100 000 tons of blast furnace slag as aggregate. This material was used in projects including the Sydney Port Access Road, CBRM Regional Landfill, Logistec Coal Handling Facility, PEV Coal Handling Facility, on-site redevelopment, and other uses throughout CBRM.

In addition, research has been initiated in conjunction with Dalhousie University to determine higher, value-added applications for slag. Potential uses include septic bed sand/gravel, cement, and concrete. A large stockpile of slag on site will ensure continued operations, employment, and revenue into the foreseeable future.



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