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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Strategic Goals

The overall goal of SERL/Sysco is to create a vibrant industrial site where new industries and businesses will locate. The site will be a good place in which to work or establish a business. SERL/Sysco's specific goals for 2004-2005 are:

  • To promote sound occupational health and safety policies and practices.
  • To continue to fulfil all commitments for the wind-up of Sysco-provide employment opportunities for steelworkers, seek the best return on assets, pursue a site cleanup, and chart a new plan for the future of the site.
  • To remediate the site for future uses in an environmentally sound manner.
  • To redevelop the Sysco site into a premier industrial park, providing business and other opportunities to the communities of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  • To work with the community as partners on future directions and opportunities for the Sysco site.
  • To maximize financial returns to the shareholder from the sale of scrap steel, the sale of slag, and the leasing of property through sound financial management.




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