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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2004-05 (continued)

Liquidation and Sale of Major Equipment, Scrap, and Slag

All of Sysco's major equipment has been sold. The last items, the electric arc furnace and associated steelmaking equipment, have been sold and will be removed in 2004. Following the removal of the remaining equipment, the remaining scrap steel will be harvested for future sale. As well, anticipated slag sales for 2004-2005 are projected at more than 100 000 tons.

Site Redevelopment

The following initiatives are planned for the upcoming fiscal year:

  • Re-open the west bridge to provide public access to the main entrance of the administration building.
  • Complete the water supply study and make a decision regarding the future water supply source for the site.
  • Complete engineering survey, preliminary detailed infrastructure plans, and related costing analysis on the front (or south) end of the site.
  • Create a long-term global information systems database for property management.
  • Complete engineering, survey, and detailed plans for the greening project for the Whitney Pier area adjacent to Sysco and the Sydney Ports Access Road.


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