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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2005-06 (continued)

Strategic Objectives

The Corporations’ overall strategy is to advance the Province’s objectives with respect to decommissioning, remediation, and future use of the steel plant site. Overall, in these activities the underlying goal is to protect the Province’s interests and its fiscal position regarding the site.

More specifically the Corporations will:

  • Continue to redevelop the SYSCO site into a premier industrial park and increase marketing of the industrial park, providing business and other opportunities to the communities of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  • Maintain sound health and safety policies and practices in order to minimize the potential risk of injury to workers, visitors, tenants, suppliers, and others who may visit the site.
  • Increase marketing efforts for air-cooled blast furnace slag, scrap metal, and major equipment in order to maximize their financial return to the Province.
  • Continue to remediate land on the SYSCO site for future uses in an environmentally sound manner, meeting the province’s obligations and strengthening relations with the local community.
  • Maintain adequate security on site to prevent the loss of provincial property and site assets.
  • Maintain high use of local labor and supplies, when the proper training and feasibility exists.



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