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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan




Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2003-04

The business plan is composed of the following sections:

  1. Mission
  2. Planning Context
  3. Demolition
  4. Remediation
  5. Sale of Scrap Steel
  6. Site Re-Development
  7. Key Tenants
  8. Sydney Ports Access Road
  9. Sale of Assets
  10. Strategic Goals
  11. Core Business Areas
  12. Budget Context

To clean up and redevelop the site as a productive, self-sufficient business property, providing opportunities for the future.

Planning Context

Sysco was established in 1967 by an Act of the Legislature, with the short-term objective of continuing the operations “…for a sufficient time to assess the long-term future…” of the plant.

This move led to more than 30 years of government participation in the operation of Sydney Steel. The most recent of those years saw several attempts to sell the plant to the private sector. Ultimately changing technology and world market patterns brought an end to Sydney’s steel industry. Despite best efforts, the last attempt to sell the plant concluded unsuccessfully in January 2001.

At this time, the province announced that it would move to liquidate the assets of the plant and embark on a plan for cleanup and redevelopment of the site. The province instructed receivers Ernst & Young to sell the corporation’s assets.

The priority of that year centered around taking care of responsibilities to Sysco’s workforce. Before the end of the year, all employees had received severance or retirement packages. During this same period, a demolition firm was hired to remove the majority of the buildings on the site. Environmental clean up was budgeted for and initial work began. And finally, a land use planning company was hired to develop a plan for future site uses and redevelopment.

Overall, Sysco’s key activities now include demolition, sale of scrap steel, sale of slag, site clean up and redevelopment as an industrial park with appropriate green space. The year 2002 has seen a number of changes and initiatives aimed at building a new future for the site, and thus, the local economy.

Performance in Prior Year

Demolition -- To date, demolition is approximately 60 per cent complete – on time and on budget. Twenty-five buildings and structures have been removed, including the machine shop, calcite plant, and old roll shop. Other buildings will be maintained for use in the planned industrial park.

Considerable activity is taking place with former steelworkers employed on site, doing essential demolition activities and clean up. Throughout the summer of 2002, approximately 80 former steelworkers were employed on site.

Safety is Sysco’s first priority on the demolition project – for workers and for the community. Overall, there is a commitment to meet or exceed all requirements of Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. There is a detailed safety plan in place and a commitment to continuous improvement in policies and practices. In addition, Sysco has a full time safety officer as a watchdog for the entire project.

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