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Demolition is complete on the Sysco site. The demolition was on time and on budget. Murray Demolition was main contractor on the project. Considerable activity has been taking place with former steelworkers employed on site, doing essential demolition activities and clean up. The Demolition Gallery and Video Gallery host interesting pictures and footage of the plant's demolition.

There is a detailed decommissioning process, which must take place before a building can be demolished. This includes a careful inspection to ensure that all environmental and safety matters are dealt with prior to the commencement of any demolition activity. Each building must be evaluated and signed off by Seacor Environmental before demolition takes place.

At this point, twenty-five buildings and structures have been removed, including the machine shop, calcite plant, and old roll shop. Below is a list of the structures that have been removed and the date they were cleared for demolition to start. Other buildings will be maintained for use in the planned industrial park. (Click on the links below to see a picture of the demolition)

Calcine Plant August 2001  
Ore Terminal Building August 2001  
Tie Plate Building August 2001  
Old Yard Office Building August 2001  
Open Hearth Furnace Stacks August 2001
Ingot Stripper Craneway August 2001  
Mobile Building August 2001  
Boiler Shop, Electrical Repair Shop &Forge September 2001  
Machine Shop September 2001  
No. 2 Open Hearth Building October 2001  
Docks Office and Outbuilding February 2002  
No. 3 Blast Furnace and Stoves / No. 7 Blast Furnace Stoves February 2002
No. 7 Blast Furnace Stoves February 2002
Turbo Blower Building March 2002  
Old Rail Rolling Mill May 2002
Old Power House May 2002  
Old Reheat Furnace May 2002  
East Perimeter Piperack May 2002  
Docks Ore Transfer House June 2002  
Oxygen Tank August 2002  
Bloom Mill Building - Axle Conditioning Area August 2002
Rail Finishing Mill No. 6, 7 & 8 Bays October 2002  
Wellman Crane - No. 3 Pier November 2002
Rail Finishing Mill, No. 5 Bay November 2002  
"D" Boiler Building November 2002  
Old Roll Shop December 2002  
Mackie Tanks February 2003  
Hospital Building March 2003  
No. 3 Blast Furnace Bases August 2003  
NW Bulk Fuel Storage Tank September 2003  
Electrical Substation Frame October 2003  
Oxygen Tank External Structures November 2003  
SW Bulk Fuel Storage Tank December 2003  
Rail Finishing Mill Seven Bay May 2004  
Harbour Pumps May 2004  
#3 Power House July 2004  
EAF Scrap Bay August 2004  
NE Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks August 2004  
Mold and Zone Building August 2004  
Blooming Mill Motor Room September 2004  
Blooming Mill September 2004  
Reheat Furnace Building September 2004  
East Perimeter Pipe Rack October 2004  
Castor Water Treatment Plant October 2004  
7th Bay Rail Finishing Mill November 2004  
Meltshop/Caster Building December 2004  
Scrapyard Crane and Runway January 2005  
SE Bulk Fuel Storage Tank January 2005  
Universal Mill January 2005  
U Mill February 2005  
No. 2 Powerhouse March 2005  
Electric Substation April 2005  
Brickshed April 2005
Demolition Complete!

More pictures of the demolition process can be found in the Demolition Gallery.


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