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Sysco is committed to cleaning up the site for future uses, with intent of ensuring long-term stability, minimal offsite impacts and responsible environmental management. As progress is made from the decommissioning of the steel mill to redevelopment into new opportunities and businesses, a significant part of the focus will always be a clean environment.

Seacor Environmental Inc. have been retained as Environmental Management Consultants for the demolition, remediation and redevelopment of the site. In 2002, a detailed Phase I (CCME) Environmental Site Assessment was completed and from this report came a number of recommendations, including the need to further characterize the site.

Springing from the Phase I report, the site was broken into several manageable ‘classification units’ that would require further assessment. These CCME Phase II and Phase III assessments are in progress. In association with Groundwater Insight Inc., Seacor is working with Sysco to design and manage this work.

Phase II assessments in several areas, including the ‘high dump’ have been completed.

For further details:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II/III Environmental Site Assessments









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