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Phase1 - Environmental Site Assessment



Mills Area


To the south of the Steel Production Area is the complex of interconnected buildings that defines the Mills Area. The original rolling mill buildings, where raw steel was shaped into steel products, are situated in this location. During World War 1, a Plate Mill was constructed, later converted to rail finishing facilities. In 1989, the Universal Mill became the newest addition to the complex, signaling the abandonment of other buildings.

Other mills were located outside of the Mills Area, in the Production Support Area to the south (see Section 5.3). These facilities produced finer steel products such wire and nails. Due to their separation from the main mill complex, and their physical proximity to repair and support buildings, they are discussed.

To the west, across Victoria Road, is the site of the former DOMTAR facility where coal tar was stored and processed for approximately 60 years. Recent testing performed on this property on behalf of DTPW showed significant impacts to soil and groundwater on this property. The potential exists for contaminated groundwater from the DOMTAR site to have impacted the eastern section of the Mills Area.

A detailed discussion of each SCU located within the Mills Area follows. Potential environmental issues associated with each SCU are discussed at the end of each section. Historical building existence information is provided in Appendix D.


Looking South at the General Warehouse

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