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Phase1 - Environmental Site Assessment



Cooling Beds (SCU 14)


The Cooling Beds area is located to the west of the Rail Finishing Mill, and to the south of the Universal Mill Complex (Figure 5-1). The Cooling Beds, or “Run-out Building” was constructed in the early 1970s, with an extension added in 1988/89. Hot rails from the Rail Mill, and later the Universal Mill, were allowed to cool in this building before entering the rail finishing mill to be straightened and undergo quality checks. The building is a typical modern industrial building, of steel frame construction with metal siding.


The Cooling Beds Building

Prior to the construction of the Cooling Beds, portions of the Old Rail Mill, the Bar Mill, the Rod Mill, and the Old Rail Finishing Mill occupied this area. At least two aboveground petroleum storage tanks were located in this area at one time.


Several sewers traverse the Cooling Beds area. Over the years, it is suspected that a variety of chemicals and petroleum products may have been disposed through the steel plant sewer system, including the process sewer from the Mills Area. These sewers discharge adjacent to Ferry Street, and to the Cooling Pond. The potential exists for soil and groundwater impacts at location where this sewer line may have leaked or deteriorated.

  Potential Environmental Issues  

Potential hazardous materials associated with the Cooling Beds buildings include asbestos-containing materials, PCB-containing lighting units, mercury-containing lighting and equipment, hydraulic lines and lubricant in equipment and chemical storage.

Potential soil and groundwater issues associated with the Cooling Beds area consist of heavy metal, petroleum hydrocarbon, PAH, PCB and solvent impacts as a result of historic on-site activities such as steel milling, fuel storage and the use of electrical equipment.


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