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Phase1 - Environmental Site Assessment



Old EAF Dust Landfill (SCU 33)


The Old EAF Dust Landfill is located adjacent to the High Dump and Tank Farm (Figure 5-1). The landfill was constructed by SYSCO in 1989 for the disposal of Electric Arc Furnace Dust from the Baghouse. The dust contains carbon and various heavy metals associated with exhaust from the melting of scrap metal in the furnace. As discussed in Section 5.1.1, recent Environment Canada studies have indicated that dioxin production may be associated with the operation of electric arc furnaces. Therefore, EAF dust may contain trace quantities of dioxins. EAF dusts at the SYSCO site have not been tested for dioxins.

A NSDEL Industrial Approval regulates environmental management of the landfill. This includes restricting the type of waste disposal at the site, and monitoring site emissions. The engineered disposal cell is equipped with a composite polyethylene and clay liner, as well as a leachate collection system.

The landfill reached its capacity in 1999, after which EAF dust was taken to the New EAF Dust Landfill (Section 5.4.9). The installation of an engineered containment cover on the Old EAF Dust Landfillwas completed in 2002.
  Potential Environmental Issues  

Potential environmental issues consist of heavy metal, PAH, PCB, and solvent impacts to soil and groundwater as a result of historic disposal activities prior to construction of the EAF Dust Landfill. The potential also exists for similar impacts to have moved into SCU 33 from the adjacent High Dump or Tank Farm areas.

Blast furnace slag was widely used as a fill material in this area. Various heavy metals are known to be present in blast furnace slag, but often in a highly immobile state. An important part of future environmental testing at this site will be the appropriate evaluation of heavy metal impacts in relations to their environmental risk.

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