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During 2002, land use planners Environmental Design and Management Ltd (EDM) worked to develop a land use plan and redevelopment strategy for the Sysco site. As part of developing the plan, EDM engaged in public consultation in order to reflect the opportunities and concerns identified by local stakeholders and the community.

EDM's Final Land Use Plan & Re-development Strategy for the Former Sysco Property proposes that the 445-acre site be redeveloped as a premier industrial park. (The report was released at an open house on site on July 3, 2002.) It states that there is real potential for the site to attract new and different businesses to the area, businesses that might not otherwise think of locating here.

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Overall the vision is for the Sysco property to be a vibrant part of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality that contributes to economic re-development and long-term job creation. This vision sees the former Sysco site becoming:

  • Vibrant with new industry and business providing long-term jobs
  • A leader in meeting all environmental standards
  • A promoter of CBRM in partnership with the ports and other land based industrial assets
  • A key provider of cargos for a railway that is now secure
  • Connected to the community by an improved road network, providing a better direct route to Highway 125 and a second access into Whitney Pier
  • A good place to work
  • A key factor in making CBRM a better place to set up business and raise a family
  Update on Progress
Sysco has accepted and begun implementing's the Final Land Use Plan & Re-development Strategy. Solid progress has been made on several recommendations:

Recommendation 1
Proceed with demolition, keeping in mind potential future uses
Demolition is approximately 70% complete - on going and on budget. Certain structures will be retained for industrial park use.
Recommendation 2
Conduct a thorough market assessment targeting anchor tenants
Sysco has partnered with ECBC and retained Deloitte & Touche Fantus a site locator for Fortune 500 companies. They will help market the site and the region to potential tenants.
Recommendation 3
Ensure an overall property development plan looking at tenant mix, long-term management, master plans for sewer, power, water, etc.
A property development plan is now under development
Recommendation 4
Expedite street infrastructure improvement
Construction is nearing completion on the Sydney Ports Access Road . The road opened to truck traffic in late 2002 and is expected to be fully open in the Spring of 2004. The road is being built in partnership with the private sector.
Recommendation 5
Move forward with phase two environmental site assessments
The Phase I site assessment has been completed, and a project plan is being developed to address its recommendations. A project manager for Phase II work was awarded in the Fall of 2002.
Recommendation 6
Ensure careful phasing
An aggressive business establishment schedule is being pursued. This will allow Sysco to capitalize on business opportunities as they arise for the benefit of all concerned.
Recommendation 7
Make short-term investment to shore up certain site infrastructure
As the third phase of their work, EDM has been retained to provide assessment and planning on this and related issues.
Recommendation 8
Continue consultation with the community
A local individual has been retained to provide community relations and point of contact with the local community.


EDM is a multidisciplinary planning, design, and management consulting firm. EDM uses a collaborative planning process to provide integrated solutions to dilemmas that arise from human activities on the land.

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