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Safety is Sysco’s first priority on site – for workers and for the community. Overall, there is a commitment to meet or exceed all requirements of Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

There is a detailed safety plan in place and a commitment to continuous improvement in policies and practices. Contractors and sub-contractors must abide by this master plan. In addition, Sysco has a full time safety officer as a watchdog for the entire project. Below is a copy of the Health and Safety Plan in pdf format. You will need a copy of Adobe Reader. You can get your free copy at the Adoabe link below.

A PDF version of the Health and Safety Plan

Overall, Sysco places emphasis on proactive approaches to prevent accidents, injury and illness through an internal responsibility system based on the cooperation and involvement of all workplace parties in occupational health and safety matters.

The job of demolition and site clean up at Sysco is a major one – with a high degree of complexity. We are serious about safety at Sysco. Our goal is to keep all of our workers safe and healthy, so they can continue to make an important contribution to their workplace, their communities and their families.





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