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The High Dump/Slag Stockpiles program was started in May 2003. The program consisted of the following:

Investigation Type Number of samples
Boreholes 29
Monitor Wells 13
Test pits 41
Surface soil samples 30
Existing monitor wells re-sampled 4

Some boreholes were well over 100 feet deep. In all, over 420 analyses were performed on approximately 150 soil and water samples. Laboratory testing indicates that, as in the other Study Areas, some metals are present in the fill materials, and PAH are occasionally present above the guideline values. The oil disposal area, a known area of interest, was investigated as part of the Phase 2 ESA. The extent of this area was defined and plans for its removal are being developed.

In addition to determining what environmental contamination may be present, the study identified the various types of slag and other fill materials that were placed to form the slag piles. The results showed that the piles are almost entirely formed of slag, with other materials such as mill scale, dust and general refuse (scrap metal, etc.) deposited on top.

Phase 3 testing was completed in April 2004.

A PDF Map is provided of the Highdump Area




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