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Environmental Section




A brief summary of each Phase 2 program is provided below:

Investigation Type Number of samples
Boreholes 28
Monitor Wells 28
Test pits 29
Surface soil samples 20

In all, over 400 analyses were performed on approximately 250 soil and water samples. The results of the program indicate that, as expected at a steel plant site, some metals are present in the fill materials, and PAH are occasionally present above the guideline values.

Some minor areas of petroleum were noted in the vicinity of the maintenance shops. These types of impacts are typical of industrial operations dating from the mid-20th Century. Coal tar impacts associated with Coke ovens Brook were noted in the southeastern area of the property.

Phase 3 testing was completed in the spring of 2004. The report was received in January 2005.

A PDF Map is provided of the Victoria Road Area.
Also, you may click on the map below for a more detailed view.



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