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Railway Lines



The Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway (CBNS) operates the short track rail line from Truro to Sydney. CBNS also maintains a marshalling yard in the north end of Sydney, directly opposite Muggah Creek from the SYSCO property. This line previously carried product from SYSCO to central Canada and the rest of North America. It also services several businesses in the Northside Industrial Park.

Due to declining rail traffic, CBNS has filed notice that it wishes to abandon the Point Tupper to Sydney portion of the line. However, since the announcement that the Province has leased the SYSCO wharf to Provincial Energy Ventures, and DEVCO has sold the international coal pier to Emera Corporation, CBNS has been negotiating with both groups to identify new lines of business. In order for the line from Sydney to Port Hawkesbury to remain open, approximately 100 cars per kilometre of track are needed.

As part of the purchase of the surface assets of DEVCO, Emera now owns the former railway line from the international pier to the Lingan generating station. In late 2001, Emera signed a short term (6 month) operating agreement with Logistic Stevedoring of Montreal, to operate this railway on Emera’s behalf.



Sydney Airport

  The Sydney Airport Authority operates the Sydney Airport. Located just 10 minutes from the SYSCO property, the airport provides passenger, air charter and cargo service through Air Nova, Air Canada, Air St. Pierre, Maritime Air Charters, Prince Edward Air, and Provincial Airlines. Since 1997, the Sydney Airport Authority has spent millions of dollars to rehabilitate and improve the airport runways, aprons, heavy equipment and the Air Terminal Building. Custom serVices are available.

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