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The current sanitary sewer system for Sydney and its surrounding areas involves collection to sewer mains that flow via gravity to outfalls into Sydney Harbour. As part of a plan to treat sewage in the Sydney area, CBRM has designed an interceptor collector sewer which will enable the downtown core of Sydney, Whitney Pier, Ashby, Grand Lake Road, and Hardwood Hill to be collected and conveyed to Battery Point for treatment. Also included in this system is a collector sewer that diverts sewage and freshwater flows around the MAID site, and across the Coke Ovens and SYSCO properties. The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is coordinating this work. The interceptor sewer follows along Muggah Creek, as shown of Figure 2.4.

The proposed sewage treatment plant at Battery Point is located across Muggah Creek from the SYSCO wharf, and is immediately adjacent to the petroleum tank farm in the north end. The plant will be designed to provide advanced primary treatment, meaning further grinding of incoming large particles, the addition of settling and aeration, and UV disinfection prior to release. Currently there is an application to fund this sewage treatment plant before the Federal Provincial Municipal Infrastructure Review Board. Although the application was made in early 2001, it is unlikely that an answer will be provided to CBRM until mid 2002.

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