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The SYSCO wharf structure is 1,400 feet in length and is equipped with two gantry cranes with 45 ton and 8 ton capacity. The wharf is in relatively good shape, and was built during the mid-1960s and 70s. It has 36 feet (11 metres) of water depth at low tide, as shown on Figure 3.4. The wharf has an existing flat lay down area behind it. With the removal of the slag, many possibilities for re-configuring the land for lay down areas exist.

A review of the SYSCO #4 wharf (the finishing product loading wharf) completed in 1999 by Vaughn Engineering detailed the requirements of substantial maintenance and repair. At that time, the deficiencies listed:

  • 54% of total pile jackets had deficiencies
  • 9% of total pile jackets had exposed steel pipe
  • 38% of total pile jackets had exposed mesh
  • 21% of total pile jackets had surface spalls.

These deficiencies require the following:

  • 131 small local patches
  • 70 new pile jackets
  • 31 transverse pile caps
  • 22 longitudinal beam areas
  • 37 deck slab areas

In 1999, the total capital cost of these repairs was estimated to be $396,000. To date, no repairs have commenced. The company that has signed a lease with SYSCO to rent the wharf (PEV) estimates that they will need to spend $500,000 immediately to repair the wharf facility.

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