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Site Characterization Activities



In order to facilitate the discussion and segregation of environmental issues associated with such a large and complex facility, the SYSCO property has been
divided into 36 Site Characterization Units (SCUs) as shown in Figure 4.1. The derivation of these units is based on a number of factors:

  • Historical land use and industrial processes
  • Known or suspected environmental issues
  • Locations of structures to be retained for reuse
  • Adjacent land areas required to facilitate the reuse of a structure
  • Segregation of designated waste disposal areas.

The SCUs were developed in cooperation with SEACOR Environmental Inc., the firm responsible for a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of the SYSCO property. The same SCUs will be employed in the final Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report to present environmental information and allow prospective tenants or developers to easily extract relevant environmental data. In this way, the SCUs can serve as a basis for the future division and reuse of the property, as well as any environmental studies that may accompany a property transaction.

To that end, Table 4.2 presents a matrix of known and potential environmental concerns associated with each of the SCUs. The matrix has been developed based on information compiled as part of the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. Each of the SCUs has been given a descriptive name based on an easily identifiable characteristic or structure within the unit.

Concerns identified as “known” have been identified either by SEACOR Environmental during the course of the current environmental decommissioning program, or by Phase II/III testing undertaken on behalf of JAG in marginal areas of the steel plant property in 2000 and 2001. Table 4.3 shows the investigative techniques that will likely be utilized on each SCU.

The matrix presents potential environmental concerns associated with each of the five physical components of the property, defined herein as Buildings and Other Structures, Waste Disposal, Underground Utilities, Soil and Sediment, and Groundwater. Figure 4.1 shows the environmental concerns for each SCU as know to date. As re-development of the site proceeds, there will be a need to identify and quantify these potential environmental issues.

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