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Consultation was undertaken in two stages. As part of the background work conducted for this study, the consultants met with a range of stakeholders (i.e., groups that have a vested interest in the re-development of the SYSCO property).
Stakeholders consulted during this process included:

  • CBRM (planning, engineering recreation, CAO's office)
  • municipal councilors
  • the Joint Action Group (JAG)
  • businesses interested in location to the property
  • local land and business owners
  • CBDC
  • Provincial Departments
  • and New Dawn Enterprises, among others.

The objective of these discussions was to identify the concerns of groups so that this input could be incorporated in a draft land use and re-development plan for the property.

The draft plan was presented to the general public and other groups in order to provide opportunities to learn about the proposed re-development of the site and provide input. The draft plan was launched at a CBRM Municipal Council meeting in March, 2002. It was then presented at more than fifteen other venues, including: the SYSCO Board, the Provincial Treasury and Policy Board, the Rotary Club, The Cape Breton Board of Trade, the JAG Round Table, and many others (refer to Appendix E).

In addition to these presentations, calls were initiated by the consultants advising that the draft plan was available and might be of interest. Other calls were received in response to the plan. These individuals are listed in Appendix E. Media was used to advertise the availability of the plan: two telephone"talk back" sessions were held, numerous advertisements placed, a letter to the editor was written describing the key aspects of the plan, and a press release was prepared.

The media covered the plan, the various presentations and consultations extensively. The complete draft plan was posted on the SYSCO web page and placed in local libraries, at UCCB and in Citizen Service Centres throughout the municipality. More that 300 copies of the plan were distributed. Twenty written submissions were received.

A public open house was help on April 24, where details of the plan were presented to the general public, and specific questions answered. Then on April 26 a workshop was held where participants were asked to work in groups to provide advice on specific issues that had been identified as the most important.

These issues included: land use and economic development; recreation and history; traffic and street systems; port development; and, environmental issues. Participants selected the issue they wished to focus on. After reaching consensus within their individual groups, each group reported back to the larger forum and a general discussion was held. Appendix E provides a detailed account of the session.

The following sections summarize the draft plan used in presentation and discussions and provide the conclusions derived from the consultation:

6.1 Draft Plan
6.2 Land Use and Economic Development
6.3 Recreation and History
6.4 Traffic and Street Connections
6.5 Port of Sydney
6.6 Environment
6.7 Summary Comments

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