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Design and

Land Use Plan &






Throughout the consultation period on the land use plan, concern was voiced that there was no local presence or easy way to get information on what was happening on the SYSCO property. As the property is redeveloped there will be an increasing need to work with and communicate with the local community, and establishing a solid approach to consultation early in the project is important.



Phase 2 Site Assessment

  Several areas of the site have been identified as requiring Phase 2 site assessments. These include the former SYSCO landfill (including the high dump), the area adjacent to Muggah Creek and the Tar Pond, and the SYSCO sewers. Moving expeditiously towards a better understanding and characterization of these areas, will help identify any additional restrictions with respect to the re-development of these properties.




  Phasing should be carefully considered. As much as possible site development work should go hand in hand with the on-going site remediation of the Coke Ovens, Tar Ponds and SYSCO properties. While it is frequently easier to phase the remediation and clean up first and then follow with site development, in CBRM a more aggressive business establishment schedule is desirable for social and economic reasons.



Short-Term Infrastructure Needs


In the short term there will be a need to re-invest in some of the site infrastructure in order to “hold it” for resale. More detailed assessments are required to identify the exact scope of this work. The work should consider:

  • separation of potable and process water supplies and ensuring long term sources are secured
  • reconnection of the existing sewer and new sewer systems that are connected to the new CBRM collector sewer and treatment plant
  • construction of building end-walls to support buildings where an adjacent structure is demolished
  • removal and re-instatement of modern power equipment
  • short term patching and repair of on-site roads and streets to access various areas of the site
  • installation of new site roads as tenants are secured
  • grading and installation of storm water systems
  • planting and site vegetation.

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