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Sydney Steel Corporation
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Slag for use in civil construction is derived from the manufacture of iron and steel. Slag is produced as molten alumino-silicate, a combination of the reducing agents and fluxes used to remove oxygen from the iron oxide ores. For a analysis of SYSCO slag visit the chemical analysis page and the physical analysis page. Slags from blast furnaces are of three main types:

  1. Air-cooled blast furnace slag, where the slag is basically end dumped in a stockpile and allowed to cold under ambient conditions
  2. Expanded or foamed slag, where the slag is cooled though a water jet, which generates steam and a large number of vesicles in the slag
  3. Granulated slag, formed by quick quenching of the molten slag with water and subsequent grinding. The ground granulated blast furnace slag develops cementitious properties, beneficial in concrete production.

Blast furnace slag is commonly used as construction materials for highway construction, airfields, structural backfill, concrete manufacture, cement clinker manufacture, etc. Steel slags are also used in construction, however some steel slags are prone to expansion due to the presence of free lime and magnesium oxide and are thus not suitable as a concrete aggregate or where potential expansion is undesirable.

The slags at the Sydney Steel Plant are principally air-cooled blast furnace slag and steel slag. The air-cooled blast furnace slag has had a variable rate of cooling due to a wide range of ambient conditions during disposal from the plant. The slag in the stockpile is weakly cemented.

The slag at SYSCO is currently crushed and screened to meet various specifications for construction projects. Recent projects have included:

  • as a base for the cloverleaf on highway 125 going to Sydport as well as being used for shouldering along this highway
  • the road base on Lingan Road and South Bar highway as well as shouldering on the South Bar highway
  • a road base on the Sydney-Glace Bay Highway in the Reserve area
  • used extensively within Sydney Steel to fill in areas where buildings had been demolished
  • to construct the embankments to the Whitney Pier Overpass
  • as a light weight product in cement for building over fifty Insulite homes in the local area
  • a road base on the Sydney Port Access Road

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