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Description of Proposal Date of
Successful Proponent
Remodeling of Engineering Building and
U-Mill Office
January 2005 Trifos Design Consultants
OH&S Training February 2005 UCCB
Slag brochure printing March 2005 City Printers
Electrical Upgrades Various Buildings April 2005 Lynk Electric
Inglis to Spar Road Engineering April 2005 Dillon Consulting
Wellness Clinis April 2005 Dr. M. Ryan
Administration Building Layout May 2005 Trifos Design Consultants
North South Tieline Removal May 2005 Nova Scotia Power Inc.
CCME Phase II Blast Furnace Area June 2005 AMEC Earth and Environmental
Alliance Computer Systems July 2005 Computer/ Audio-Video Equipment
Advertising Banners July 2005 Fennell Signs
Engineering Building tiling August 2005 Taylor Flooring
Canopies for Engineering Building August 2005 W.A. Latimer
New road from SPAR to Inglis Street August 2005 Zutphen Contractors
Painting of Logo on Standpipe October 2005 Sixty Minute Signs
Repairs to main rail line October 2005 Scotia Rail
Aggregate Retrieval Sept. 2005 CBCL
Road Inspection Nov. 2005 Dillion Cinsulting
Vehicle Repairs Nov. 2005 Diesel Dynamics


Description of Proposal Date of
Successful Proponent
Archiving, scanning and digitizing of engineering drawings January 2004 EDMS Ltd.
North End Buildings Demolition (Harbour Pump Building , Boiler House and No. 3 Power House) April
Murray Demolition
Inglis Street Bridge Engineering April
CBCL Limited
Grand Lake Safe Yield Study April 2004 Dillon Consulting
Engineering Building (renovations) May 2004 Brimac Masonry (walls)
Timberlake Construction (roof)
Engineering Building roof June 2004 Timberlake Construction
Inglis Street Bridge August 2004 Riverside Development Limited
Engineering Building (windows) November 2004 Lorne Aucoin Renovations
Rebuild of Electrical Distribution Structure on Sysco site December 2004 NSPI
Disposal of oils and PCB contaminants December 2004 Barrington Environmental
Slag Concrete Block Fabrication December 2004 Rice Concrete


Description of Proposal Date of Issue Successful Proponent
For the disposal of PCB's & the draining of transformers February 2003 Quantex Technologies.Inc
For the rental of various pieces of equipment i.e. trucks, pay loaders, etc. Various Various companies
For the lease of the SYSCO pier and related assets ---------- Provincial Energy Ventures Ltd.
Financial Audit Services March 2003 Price Waterhouse
Removal of puralite insulation March 2003 AIC Sullivan's
For the CCME Phase II investigation of the High Dump/Slag Stockpiles May 2003 MGI Ltd.
Cleaning of abandoned water treatment pit May 2003 Safety Check Ltd.
Excavator Rental May 2003 AIC Sullivan's
For the CCME Phase II investigation of the Blast Furnace Ore Yards and Piers I and II June 2003 AMEC Ltd.
Water standpipe inspection June 2003 CBCL Ltd
Cleaning of excavated fuel pipes July 2003 AIC Sullivan's
CCME Phase II investigation of the Victoria Road and Shops area July 2003 Dillion/ADI
For removal of sludge and cleaning NW bunker oil bulk storage tank July 2003 AIC Sullivan's
High dump crane rental August 2003 MacMillan
Removal of waste oils, sludges and cleaning SW bunker oil bulk storage tank September 2003 Millcreek Environmental
PCB and chemicals removal October 2003 Quantex Technology
Bulk storage tanks structure removal October 2003 CBCL
No. 8 Bay wall construction October. 2003 John L. Jim Ltd.
CCME Phase II investigation of Bar Mill/Mobile Shops area November. 2003 ADI Ltd.
Evaluation of alternate water supply November. 2003 Dillion Consulting
To purchase 15,000 metric tonnes of scrap steel December 2003 Hugo Neu
For the environmental baseline study on SYSCO/PEV wharf and pier January 2002 CBCL
To purchase 55,200 metric tonnes of scrap steel February 2002 Hugo Neu
Request for Expressions of Interest for the processing and marketing of blast furnace slag February 2002 Sydney Aggregates Ltd.
For the transportation of scrap steel to the pier March 2002 S&M Trucking Ltd.
For the purchase of copper wires, electric motors, etc. April 2002 North Metals and Construction Ltd.
For the sale of copper coolers May 2002 North Metals and Construction Ltd.
For the disposal of chemical wastes August 2002 Clean Harbours Canada Inc. (Safety Kleen)
For the assessment of SYSCO water supply September 2002 Dillion Consulting Ltd.
To purchase 15,000 metric tonnes of steel scrap October 2002 Hugo Neu
For the management of environmental site assessments and the review of environmental baseline studies performed on the SYSCO site October 2002 SEACOR Environmental In.
To purchase or liquidate the assets of SYSCO February 2001 Henry Butcher, Trans-Canada Limited, Michael Fox International "auctioneers", Phillip Services Inc. (Murray Demolition Corp.) - "demolition contractor"
For the removal and disposal of insulation containing asbestos from the pipe rack July 2001 Sydney Environmental Resources Limited
To decommission the 230 KV line feeding the SYSCO site July 2001 Nova Scotia Power Incorporated
For the sale of copper wire July 2001 North Metals & Construction Ltd.
For electrical engineering services July 2001 Strum Engineering Associates Ltd.
For the development of a land use plan for the SYSCO site August 2001 Environmental Design Management Ltd.
To purchase 19,500 metric tonnes of scrap steel September 2001 Trade Ferro Metal
To purchase 19,500 metric tonnes of scrap steel September 2001 Trade Ferro Metal
For the capping of the old electric arc furnace dustpit November 2001 Municipal Ready Mix Limited
To provide snow removal services November 2001 C.B. Snow Blowing & Removal Services
For the disposal of chemical wastes November 2001 Matrix Environmental Incorporated
To purchase Sysco's assets, whether in whole or in part, either as an existing business or the purposes of a liquidation February 2000  




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