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The Whitney Pier Historical Society is promoting the Whitney Pier Community Heritage Trail in co-operation with SERL and CBRM to increase recreation opportunities for the Whitney Pier community and other CBRM residents, and to commemorate the historic association of Whitney Pier with the former Sydney Steel Plant. The Trail shall provide active and passive recreation opportunities for community residents and visitors, while commemorating the past and fostering community pride.

The decision has been made, on the basis of community consultation, to segregate specific trail uses on two separate trails. Both trails and related parklands will be largely located on lands owned by SERL and Emera, as well as several parcels owned by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and at least one owned by CBRM. Certain portions of the trail will follow public right-of-way / roadways.

The trails will be devoted to distinct groups of activities. Activity Group 1 includes lower speed modes of travel that require a relatively smooth surface. The trail will therefore be Urban Style and Multi-Purpose. It will incorporate interpretive signage and commemorative elements making it an Interpretive trail as well.

The second group of activities will be accommodated on the existing ATV trail along the western edge of the trail corridor. Although ATVs will no longer have access, the second trail will be very suitable for trail and mountain bikers, hikers, and cross-country runners. This trail, by definition, will be more of a Special Purpose Trail. It is not expected to have interpretive elements and will be left in a more natural state requiring minimal maintenance.

The total length of the Whitney Pier Community Heritage Trail will be approximately 1.5 km. The layout will not only provide for leisurely strolling, it will also serve as an alternative for bicycle or pedestrian commuters, as it establishes a direct connection from various points in the Pier to existing and planned trails and sidewalks leading to Downtown Sydney. The layout, in fact, will facilitate future connections to trails across the tar ponds and the SERL property and, possibly, along the coast to the north.

The concepts presented are subject to discussion and refinement based on input from the community. Environmental Design and Management (EDM) prepared a background report and concept plan out of which the information presented here has been extracted. Acknowledgements must be given foremost to the Whitney Pier Historical Society who is promoting the trail.


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